The professionals at StitchLee specialize in creating amazing custom items for people from all walks of life. Why should babies be left out? We offer beautiful baby items and products such as dolls, blankets and bibs. We offer custom embroidery services as well.
All items on this page are made to order and may take up to 10 business days to complete. Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page specifying which product and customization you'd like. 
Diaper Bag 1
Diaper Bag 2
Every StitchLee diaper bag is made to order, let’s get one started for your new addition.  A diaper bag is as custom as you! Designed with your needs in mind, here are a few samples of bags already delivered. Starts at $125.
Bib 1
Bib 3
Bibs – not only for the newborn, bibs can be made for adult needs, too. 

Two color reversible  $10
Embroidery  add $5 +
Doll 1
Dolls can be customized with hair and eye color of the recipient. Dolls and stuffed animals can be made using clothing of loved ones, too.

Large dolls wear child’s size 6, smaller dolls/animals approximately 22”.

Large starts at $155
Small starts at $55.

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